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Lethbridge School Division continues to monitor COVID-19 situation

April 3 UPDATE:

The Division has provided an update regarding adjustments to temporary funding cut. The update can be found here:


April 2 UPDATE:

Nutrition program support continues for students:
Nine non-profits will receive $3 million to provide additional food assistance for vulnerable K-12 students and families in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This $3 million in new funding is in addition to $15.5 million for the school nutrition program. School boards are encouraged to find innovative ways to provide meals or food to students while in-school classes are cancelled. The Lethbridge Food Bank is set to receive $300,000. The media release can be found here:


April 1 UPDATE:

Lethbridge School Division Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Gilmore has posted a video message in regards to student learning at home, and the temporary K-12 education funding adjustments:


March 30 UPDATE:

Lethbridge School Division has responded to the Government of Alberta's Saturday announcement in regards to the temporary funding adjustment. The Division's media release can be found here:


March 28 UPDATE:

K-12 education funding temporarily adjusted to match cost

With in-school classes cancelled indefinitely, funding for K-12 education is being temporarily adjusted to reflect the cost of at-home learning by students during the COVID-19 pandemic. This funding will be restored when in-person classes resume. The Government of Alberta media release can be found here:


Alberta Education information:

Government has worked with the Alberta School Boards Association, the College of Alberta School Superintendents, the Alberta Teachers’ Association and the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges of Alberta to identify how to continue teacher-directed learning for students across Alberta. To view the new guidelines that are in place to direct how students will learn while in-school classes are cancelled due to the provincial health emergency, visit this link: STUDENT LEARNING

Previous updates:

For a link to previous updates, please click here: UPDATES

Alberta Health Services information:

The Division is able to approach the current 2019-nCoVid situation with some experience and a framework for action.
As has always been the case, Alberta Education works closely with Alberta Emergency Management, Alberta Heath and Alberta Health Services to guide province wide responses by school divisions in the event action is required.
The latest update from AHS, from April 2, can be found here: AHS UPDATE.
For a link to the April 2 video update from Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, please visit the following link: APRIL2UPDATE.

Help Prevent the Spread video:

Mental Health Resources and Information: COVID-19 links: RESOURCES

In the event individuals are returning from travel abroad, Alberta Health Services has shared more general guidelines, which can be found under the Info for travellers tab: TRAVEL

Details regarding local sports activities:

The Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association has also provided an update on the status of wresting provincials. For updated information, see this link: ASAA
Information regarding zone and provincial basketball tournaments, which have been postponed indefinitely, can be found here: BASKETBALL.

Division response to COVID-19:

The media has been keeping the world informed about the commonly referred to Corona Virus (2019-nCoVid) that was originally reported in late December and has now spread to other countries, including Canada.
Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.
Standard recommendations to prevent infection spread include regular hand washing covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.
Lethbridge School Division has commenced a review of procedures, impacts and essential services of our school division. Training, communication and safety practices are being reviewed this week in our Division as we continue to receive updates from Alberta Health Services.
Please be mindful that in heightened emotional times such as a pandemic rumors can spread quickly, and the Division encourages individuals to check information that is received and not share unconfirmed or unreliable information that could create further anxiety.

An Assessment Guide for Parents has been created. This guide outlines how parents can help stop the spread of COVID-19. It also provides advice for school attendance. The document will be found here: GUIDE

A graphic which explains social distancing can be found here: SOCIAL

Government of Canada information:

The Government of Canada has released a Question and Answer document on 2019-nCoVid for your reference. They closely monitor travelers returning from travel to Canada and address issues as they present.
The document can be found here: QUESTIONSANDANSWERS

Public Health Agency of Canada's Travel Health Advisories page can be found here: ADVISORIES

World Health Organization information:

The latest information from the World Health Organization can be found here: WORLDHEALTHORGANIZATION

The WHO's bulletins for updated travel advice can be found here: BULLETINS.

Lethbridge School Division will continue to keep families and staff informed as the Division moves forward, and as  any further updates are received from Alberta Education and Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.

Division provides updates regarding adjustments to temporary funding cut