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Lethbridge School Division continues to monitor COVID-19 situation

For Division-specific information and updates for parents, please click the link below:

September 17 UPDATE:

Lethbridge School Division is working to standardize procedures and protocols surrounding when students are sent home from school and when they can return to class.
Alberta Health Services is recommending students with pre-existing or seasonal symptoms get tested for COVID-19, when the symptoms first appear, to help schools determine a baseline for these symptoms. Should a student test negative for COVID-19, and their pre-existing symptoms or seasonal symptoms remain stable, the student will be allowed to return to school.
If those pre-existing or seasonal symptoms WORSEN, or NEW SYMPTOMS develop, students will be sent home and asked to take another COVID-19 test.
If that test comes back negative, the student will be allowed to return to school. Please note your school may request confirmation of that negative COVID-19 test.
Alberta Health Services is now providing COVID-19 test results via text message. It is our understanding that both negative and positive COVID-19 tests should be received within 2-5 days of the initial test. 

September 9 UPDATE:

Alberta Health Services has provided an update on the COVID-19 situation at Chinook High School. Learn more by visiting this link: CHINOOK

Alberta Health Services has updated its list of resources for parents and families. Click on the following link for more information: RESOURCES

September 8 UPDATE:

The Parent Re-entry Plan for the 2020/2021 school year has been updated. Please see the following link to view the plan: RE-ENTRY UPDATE

Sept. 2 UPDATE:

The Government of Alberta outlined the process by which it will be will be distributing $262 million in federal funding to school authorities for COVID-19 related expenses: FEDERAL FUNDS

August 25 UPDATE:

The Parent Re-entry Plan for the 2020/2021 school year has been updated to reflect some recent document updates from the Government of Alberta. The changes to the re-entry plan are highlighted in yellow for easy navigation: RE-ENTRY UPDATE

Alberta Health Services daily UPDATE:

The latest update from AHS, from Sept. 22, can be found here: AHS UPDATE.
For a link to the Sept. 21 video update from Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, please visit the following link: SEPT21UPDATE.

Help Prevent the Spread video:

Government of Canada information:

The Government of Canada has released a Question and Answer document on COVID-19 for your reference. They closely monitor travelers returning from travel to Canada and address issues as they present.
The document can be found here: QUESTIONSANDANSWERS

Public Health Agency of Canada's Travel Health Advisories page can be found here: ADVISORIES

World Health Organization information:

The latest information from the World Health Organization can be found here: WORLDHEALTHORGANIZATION

The WHO's bulletins for updated travel advice can be found here: BULLETINS.

Lethbridge School Division will continue to keep families and staff informed as the Division moves forward, and as any further updates are received from Alberta Education and Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services.

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