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G.S. Lakie Grade 7 students participate in third annual Skills Day

Three years ago, G.S. Lakie introduced an Innovative Design program in response to the new CTF curriculum, which included a Grade 7 Skills Day and a Grade 8 Build Day.
The events involve numerous community partnerships, which have been very well received by students and parents. This year, the third annual Grade 7 Skills Day was held on Nov. 13. The focus this year was on giving students an opportunity to experience/learn different career related skills.
The theme of the day was, Skills that you should know that could lead to potential careers.
Lakie partnered with local businesses and Career Transitions to set up approximately 10-15 hands-on stations. Students had the opportunity to choose their top five and spend 20-30 minutes at each station through the morning learning new skills and making career connections.
Some stations this year included:  
- Basic Vehicle Maintenance (ie; check fluids etc)
- Word Working and Power Tools (Canoe Construction)
- Animal Husbandry and First Aid
- Brick Masonry
- Sheet Metal and Tin Bashing
- Heavy Duty Mechanics
- Crane Operation
- Drone Maintenance and Operations
- Bike Repair
- Tablet/Phone repair


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