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Division looking forward to continuing to support responsible use of technology

Lethbridge School Division is aware of the announcement by the Minister of Education related to restrictions on personal mobile devices and social media in schools.
As a Division, we have always promoted responsible use of technology in our schools. We recognize the use of personal mobile devices and social media is an important consideration as we strive to help our students become responsible citizens in an increasingly digital world.
The Division will take the time over the next few months to seek more details on Minister's announcement, as we seek to implement this in our schools. It should be noted, many of our schools have guidelines in place that are similar to what we heard in the announcement today.
“Through a variety of engagement opportunities, most notably the Division’s annual Town Hall event, the Division has heard loud and clear that cell phones and personal devices in the classroom have been an issue,” said Board Chair Allison Purcell. “The Division is pleased to see the government has set minimum standards for schools, and we are eager to begin the process of examining our policies and procedures.”
We look forward to working closely with Alberta Education, students, staff, parents/guardians and our school communities as we navigate these changes and work together to provide our students with the best learning experiences possible.