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Canada 150 ICE Awards Scholarship application process opens Jan. 20

Lethbridge School Division students have an opportunity to earn an extra $1,000 through the Canada 150 ICE Awards Scholarship.
On Monday, Jan, 20, applications will open for the scholarship. The ICE scholarship committee is seeking Division students who produce and demonstrate projects that are innovative. The major focus for the awards will be a demonstration of a project, achievement or learning endeavour that illustrates innovation.
While the main criterion for the awards is evidence of innovative thought and creativity, projects could, but not necessarily, also have a focus on entrepreneurism: in other words, relevance to the world of business.
The project could be an idea that started in class, but could also come from hobbies, interests or personal situations or circumstances.
There are two categories of scholarships available to students - one category for Grade 9 and Grade 10 students and the other for students who are in Grade 11 or Grade 12. There will be up to two scholarships awarded for each category.
Learn more about the scholarship-application by visiting this link: APPLICATION

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