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List of Public School Trustee Candidates is now official

The list of candidates for Trustee for Lethbridge School Division is now official.
Following the Sept. 20 deadline for filing their nomination papers, candidates had 24 hours to withdraw their nominations.
As that time has now passed, here is the official list of Public School Trustees Candidates for the 2021 municipal election, which will be held on Oct. 18.
The candidates are listed in alphabetical order:
- Andrea Andreachuk 
- Brooke Culley
- Tyler Demers
- David Gurr
- Jeff Hill
- Henry Ross Jacobs
- Kristina Larkin
- Daniel (Dan) Leis
- Christine Light
- David Low
- Vic Mensch
- Allison Purcell
- Joanne Siljak
- Locke Spencer
- Genny Steed
- Craig H. Whitehead
For more information on the candidates, please visit The City of Lethbridge website here: CANDIDATES

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