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Exploring A Teen’s Digital Footprint In 6 Clicks Or Less

By now, the idea of a digital footprint isn’t new.

by TeachThought Staff

Both adults and children alike have been cautioned to constantly be aware of the trail they leave when online. Instagram images, facebook status updates, cyberbullying, web security, credit card information, identity theft, graphic content, password security, and all underscore the existing threat to our physical, digital, financial, and overall “security”–and our collective need for diligence.

RaffertyWeiss Media explains that they “produced (this) video for the National Center for Missing Children about the dangers of social media for teenagers.” It’s pretty obvious they used teens to play the role of their real-world analogs, but the message is clear (and likely a dead horse by this point): there is a danger in divulging private information through social media, and in one way or another almost everything teen’s want to share is personal.

This makes social media a special sort of confluence of risk, trend, danger, and intrigue for those (or an age of “those”) that struggle to see the big picture. The video’s kind of corny–but kind of creepy as well. Read More

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