Preliminary Operating Budget for 2022/2023

The Preliminary Operating Budget for 2022/2023 was presented to the public on Tuesday, May 17.

The Division accepted online feedback from the public until May 23. 

Feedback will now be provided to the Board Budget Committee for consideration for the Board Budget Debate

The approved budget is to be submitted to the province by May 31.

Preliminary budget video presentation for 2022/2023

Preliminary operating budget for 2022/2023

Tuesday evening, Lethbridge School Division presented the preliminary operating budget for the 2022/2023 school year. The budget shows revenues of $135.96 million, which represents an approximate $1.93 million increase from 2021/2022 operating budget. Within this 1.44% increase in funding are $2.54 million of reserve funds. Alberta Education has put a 3.15 per cent cap on school division reserves for the end of the 2022/2023 school year. 
Expenditures will also total $135.96 million. The Division is expected to grow from 11,670 students this year to 11,813 students next year. The enrolment continues to recover to pre-COVID levels, as the 2019/2020 school year had 11,753 students. The Division is funded on a three-year weighted moving average. As a result, the Division will serve 229 full-time equivalent students more than the funding provided. 
In terms of staffing, the Division’s teaching staff are projecting a slight increase of 4.5 FTE positions. Most of the increase are unallocated contingent teaching staff to support with addressing potential “hot spots” in enrolment once the numbers have been finalized in September. Support staff are projecting a decrease of 8.70 FTE positions, the result of less funding received for Early Education educational assistants (pre-K) due to less enrolment. 
Administrative expenses will be maintained at just under $4.1 million in 2022/2023. Administrative costs account for 3.01 per cent of next year’s budget.
Plant operations and maintenance funding has decreased by $489,000 for 2022/2023. There was a one-per-cent increase to the plant operations and maintenance funding. However, due to a reduction from the prior year’s COVID mitigation grant, there was an overall decrease in funding. There is $220,000 of specific reserves being utilized this year to deal with this reduction. As a result, there were reductions to building maintenance to support other cost increases, particularly in insurance and fuel costs. 
The transportation budget increased by $138,000 for 2022/2023 with the 4.6-per-cent increase in the transportation grant. Increased funding will support the increased costs in contract transportation services.  A total of $200,000 in one-time reserves will also continue to be used due to high fuel prices.  
Over 91 per cent of the funding for the Division comes from the provincial government, while the remaining nine per cent is comprised of school fees, school-generated funds, outside grants, investment revenues and one-time reserve funds.

Executive Summary

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