Eighth Annual Town Hall Meeting Results

The eighth annual Town Hall Meeting was held on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 with approximately 180 students, parents and community members participating in round table discussions, responding to the question;  “In preparing students for success in the future, what should learning look like, and what programs, spaces, and opportunities do we need to provide our students?”

Structured in small groups for discussion and brainstorming, the participants generated suggestions for consideration by the Board of Trustees. After initial brainstorming, each group was asked to prioritize and identify the suggestion it felt was most important.

For each group priority, all 180 participants were asked to provide their perspectives using a rating scale that included Extremely Important, Important, Less Important and Not Important.

The following suggestions had the highest percentage of respondents collectively identify them as either Extremely Important or Important:

  1. Bridging the gap between real world application and classroom learning by leveraging inquiry based, exploratory learning and community connection. (91%)
  2. Allow for flexible, diverse programming within exciting, bright, multi-purpose spaces that provide opportunities for student choice, risk taking and hands-on meaningful learning. (88%);
  3. Students should be continuously challenged at the level of their learning. (88%)
  4. More involved programs integrating the community and educational institutions with informed, innovative leadership and opportunities to develop community, personal, entrepreneurial, growth for students and staff. (86%)
  5. Breadth of Opportunity. (85%)
  6. Personalization of learning and growth (i.e. streaming, student driven, choice), in a flexible learning environment (i.e. classroom, online-communities, community, natural world, other schools).( 85%) 

Every suggestion generated by all tables will be synthesized and analyzed for frequency of themes. The themes and ideas will be reviewed by the Board at its annual planning retreat in early March, with the input guiding the Board as it establishes priorities for the Three Year Education Plan.

For detailed information about the Town Results, view the documents below.