District principal Teresa Loewen announces her retirement

Congratulations and best wishes to Teresa Loewen, who has announced she will be retiring at the end of this school year.

Loewen is one of the most adventuresome, delightful and intuitive leaders in the District. She possesses a unique blend of qualities many strive for as leaders, educators and people. Her breadth of knowledge is astonishing, and the depth of her care for everyone she touches beyond compare.

Her bright smile and genuine nature captures the hearts of children, and she agonizes over any decisions in her International Services role that may impede anything less than a positive experience for the students she serves.

Loewen is a role model in organizational matters and is able to juggle many demands, while staying focused on the important work that needs to be done. She assumes the role of colleague with grace and generousity, and is able to move things forward without an overt push of an agenda.

She is magical in making others believe her insightful ideas are theirs and then provides the necessary support for the idea to flourish. She is humble and multi-faceted, funny and committed.

The incredible growth of the International Program and the positive development of student leadership and the teacher and administrator mentorship programs represents her capacity as a leader.

In her 32- year career with Lethbridge School District No. 51, Loewen has found a breadth of opportunities. She taught in both the French Immersion and English programs, from pre-school through to university, and at several District schools.

Loewen loves to reflect on the delightful children and incredible staff, parents and administrators she worked with at Fleetwood-Bawden, Agnes Davidson, Mike Mountain Horse and Senator Buchanan. She conveys it was a honour to serve as an administrator in the District, beginning with the role of vice-principal at Probe and Fleetwood-Bawden, principal of Galbraith at a time when it celebrated its 100th birthday, and closing with the role of District principal.

Not one to sit still, Teresa was seconded to the University of Lethbridge for a year, and taught for the Department of National Defense in the Netherlands for four exciting years.

In her role as District Principal and Executive Director of International Education Services, she was able to combine her passion for mentoring new teachers with her love of travel and learning about other cultures.

“My career with Lethbridge School District has allowed me to make connections with people of all ages and in all walks of life, develop friendships on six continents, and share Canadian values with our students and the world,” said Loewen. “I consider myself blessed through my past experiences and look forward to what the future will bring!”

Date posted: Jan. 16, 2019