Canada 150 ICE Award Scholarship application process opens today

By Garrett Simmons

Communications Officer

Lethbridge School District No. 51

The Canada 150 Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) Awards scholarship offers District students a unique opportunity.

Many scholarships exist for scholastic achievements and athletics, for example, but few encompass the parameters the ICE scholarship intends to target.

“Last year, we had 18 students submit applications, which was fantastic,” said Trustee Christine Light, who is also on the scholarship selection committee. “I was really impressed with the calibre of the submissions and diversity of topics.”

That diversity of topics went hand in hand with the scholarship’s original mandate – to recognize students who had demonstrated outside-the-box thinking. For the last two years, students have submitted projects which have been judged by a selection committee, projects which wowed judges last spring.

“A lot of thought, time and creativity went into each of them,” said Light, who added the projects did not have to be created uniquely for the scholarship. “Students are able to submit work that has been completed previously or is currently in progress.”

In 2018, nine projects were shortlisted, as students prepared presentations for judges. Those nine projects are featured on the District website here: PROJECTS.

The submission process begins with a written application. From there, a select group will be invited to present in front of the judges.

“This panel is formed of District staff and community business members,” said Light. “One question we do ask to be presented is, how does this project stand out from other projects? We unfortunately had to pass on a few projects last year because they were unable to answer this question well.”

In the end, three projects rose above the rest last year, as Clara LeBon-Volia, Jonathan Smith and Chayse Stasiuk each won $1,000 scholarships.

Light added she would like to see a full slate of applicants this year, and stressed it is important for students to learn more about the scholarship.

“Speaking with several students about the scholarship process, it became apparent many students were hesitant to submit their idea because they didn’t fully understand the concept of innovation and how it applied,” said Light. “Innovation is a loaded word that often carries implications toward technology and science. I really want to stress to students that innovation fits within every genre.”

Light added innovation can take on many forms.

“To bring fresh thought, perspective and vision is innovative. To impact your community in a new way is innovative. Art, literature, business, trades, fashion, foods, technology, science, math, cultural diversity, environmental studies, agriculture and horticulture - these all serve as the canvas for innovation.”

The trustee went on to mention there are many students in local high schools capable of submitting high quality scholarship applications.

“We are proud to have incredibly gifted students within our District. Each person has a voice and an ability to impact our schools and our community for the better. I am excited to see what they will share with us this year.”

The application process opened on Jan. 14. The deadline for submissions in March 29. Click the following link to apply: SCHOLARSHIP.

Date posted: jan, 14, 2019