Changes to EEP/Kindergarten intent to register process made in order to eliminate lineups

Those in west Lethbridge looking to register students in the District's Early Education Program, or a Kindergarten program at one of our four westside elementary schools, need to be aware of a few changes being made in order to eliminate lineups at our schools during the registration periods. Please see the information below.

Early Education Program intent to register process

Lethbridge School District No. 51 is changing the process for how Early Education Program registrations are handled on the westside of the city.

The changes are necessary due to challenges involving space in our westside elementary schools. As the westside of Lethbridge continues to grow, our District’s westside elementary schools are experiencing capacity issues, which will necessitate a review of our boundaries. More information on boundary review process can be found here: BOUNDARY.

With that in mind, a process for indicating interest in registration for the District’s Early Education Program on the westside will begin on Feb. 4.

To avoid lineups at schools, a lottery system will be implemented, in the event a school site receives more indications of interest than there are spots available. 

We encourage parents to share their indications of interest, including preferences for an a.m. or p.m. program, at their neighbourhood school, during the month of February. Parents will be requested to fill out a form and to share their top four choices for school location for EEP programming.

The District cannot guarantee parents will receive their top choices, as this will be dependent on the number of students who intend to register, and the capacities at our westside schools. It is extremely important that Early Education Program intent to register forms are completed and submitted as soon as possible.

More information on the District’s Early Education Program can be found here: EEP.

We endeavour to provide second-year EEP students their first choice preference of program. Second-year EEP students will be placed prior to the Feb. 4 for the 2019/2020 school year.

Westside Kindergarten intent to register process

As per usual, Kindergarten registration for the District’s westside elementary will begin in January at your neighbourhood school. Please see your neighbourhood school for more information. Children must turn five years of age on or before Dec. 31 of the year of entry into school.

To find your neighbourhood school, visit this link SCHOOL LOCATOR.

Whether or not there will be changes in the upcoming year, in terms of new boundaries on the westside, has not been determined. Numerous factors, including whether or not the province approves modular spaces for our District, will not be known until early spring.

Please be aware all students residing in their neighbourhood boundary school will be able to access a Kindergarten program at their neighbourhood school. 

For example, if a school has 25 Kindergarten spots available for a morning program, and there are 30 students who wish to access that program, a lottery system will be used to determine who will receive those 25 spots. This will be done to ensure there are no lineups outside our schools during the registration period.

Coalbanks Kindergarten intent to register process

The Kindergarten Spanish Bilingual indication of interest process will take place from Jan. 7-11 at Coalbanks Elementary School.

To avoid lineups at schools, a lottery system will be implemented for the Spanish program. Due to the limited availability of classroom space inside Coalbanks, the school only has the capacity to accept 50 Spanish bilingual registrations – enough for two classes.

Students from outside the Coalbanks boundary can register for the Spanish Bilingual Kindergarten program, and will be included in the lottery. Families that currently have children enrolled in the Spanish program will be given special consideration for enrollment, to ensure siblings are acquiring Spanish at school and can speak Spanish in their homes. 

The process for communicating preferences for the time of day, and day for the English Kindergarten program will run from Jan. 14-18. Parents will be asked to indicate a preference for either a morning or afternoon program or Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Please be aware that you may not be granted your first preference.

Once again, lineups will not be necessary for English Kindergarten expressions of interest. A lottery system may be implemented in the event too many indications of interest forms are received for a particular time and day combination. To reiterate, the indication of interest process is not first-come, first-serve, and there will be no need for lineups outside the school. As such, Coalbanks Elementary School will open at 8 a.m., as per usual, from Jan. 14-18.

More information on the EEP and Kindergarten registration process at Coalbanks can be found here: REGISTRATION.

More information on the District’s Kindergarten program can be found here: KINDERGARTEN.

École Nicholas Sheran Kindergarten intent to register process

Similar to the Spanish Bilingual program, École Nicholas Sheran will offer two French Immersion classes. If the number of students indicating an interest exceeds the number of spots available, a lottery system will be implemented.

More infomration on the French Immersion program can be found here: FRENCH IMMERSION.

Date posted: Dec. 19, 2018