District's Annual Education Results Report and Three Year Education Plan

The District’s Three Year Education Plan and Annual Education Results Report were highlighted Tuesday during the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees.

Alberta Education requires each school jurisdiction to develop a Three Year Education Plan (3YEP), and an Annual Education Results Report, which incorporates the vision, priorities and strategies developed by the Board, in consultation with stakeholders in the District.

It must be posted on the jurisdiction website by Nov. 30.

The Education Plan serves as a template for implementation of strategies, professional learning activities and financial planning in the District.

The priorities identified in the plan were developed by the Board, subsequent to input received at the annual Town Hall Meeting, and from consultation with District and school administration.

The results contained in the report contain Information from the provincial 2016-2017 Accountability Report, as well as the Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams.

The report also outlines the District’s 2016-2107 financial results, 2017-2018 operating budget and includes links to the Class Size Report, Audited Financial Statements and the Lethbridge School District Capital Plan.

A summary of the AERR and 3YEP is also available online.

Date posted: Nov. 30, 2017