LCI student set to ride for Fresno State's Women's Equestrian Team

By Garrett Simmons

Lethbridge School District No. 51

Communications Officer

Brooklyn Moch has spent on large part of her life on horseback.

“I have been riding and competing since I was six years old,” she said. “I started competing just in Canada, Alberta and Saskatchewan, and then when I was 13 I started training under the supervision of my current trainer, James Saubolle, in Texas.”

Her passion for equestrian has become a serious pursuit even since.

“My horse lives in Texas, and I fly down for a week every month or as often as possible to train and compete all over the States.”

That decade of commitment to her sport has paid off. On Tuesday, Moch joined her family and friends at Lethbridge Collegiate Institute to sign her commitment letter to join the Fresno State Equestrian Team.

“I was attracted to the team aspect of the equestrian team, and how close of a family they were,” said Moch. “Up until joining this team, I have only ever competed individually, and I’m extremely excited to get to be a part of Bulldog team, as well their family.”

Moch will join Fresno State’s Division 1 equestrian team on a partial scholarship, after a young career that has been filled with accolades and awards.

She won first place for her category while competing on Team Canada in 2016 for the Youth World Games in Germany, is a two-time world champion and reserve world champion and has had multiple top five and top 10 placings at the world championships held in Fort Worth, Texas every year.

Her journey from those once-a-month competitions on the Prairies, to Moch’s pursuit of a trainer in the United States, eventually led her to Fresno State.

“Once we got there and started hearing about the NCAA Division 1 women’s equestrian teams, that became her new focus,” said Janene Moch, Brooklyn’s mother. “She had some friends there who made teams and she started to check out some of the campuses. It just made sense to continue to show down there to work towards making a team.”

Moch’s average season typically begins in May and runs into September. She heads south once a month from January to the end of June, when she attends the world championship. Moch has always maintained a horse at home too, so she can attend Alberta shows from time to time.

There are quite a few different classes Moch has competed in over the years, and each are a bit different in terms of how she approaches them. In general, any time you are riding a 1,000-pound animal that is unpredictable, anything can happen when you get in the ring.

“Brooklyn has learned resilience,” said Janene. “You have to be able to make mistakes and go back in the ring. It’s a lot of pressure when you know how much your family has committed. Brooklyn always has that in the back of her mind.”

And with Moch now committed to Fresno State, her equestrian career is set to advance to the next level.

“Brooklyn is ecstatic about this new opportunity,” said Janene. “She met many of her new teammates and two of her coaches when she was down for her official visit and she feels like she fits at Fresno.

This has been a long haul. She’s given up a lot of things normal high school kids enjoy. She’s missed parties and friend gatherings and when she’s home she is usually catching up on homework.”

Moch will be taking Accounting at Fresno State, as she sets her sites on helping her new team qualify for the National Collegiate Equestrian Association National Championships in 2018. So far this season, Fresno States sits in sixth place in the NCEA top-10 rankings.

Date posted: Nov. 14, 2017