Career Transitions offering free summer sessions at Victoria Park High School

In conjunction with Summer School at Victoria Park High School, Career Transitions, through the Project SPARC initiative, is offering the free seminars designed to assist high school students to maintain forward momentum with job searches, as well as career and post-secondary planning.

The seminars will take place in the afternoons (1:30-3 p.m.) in the Learning Commons at Victoria Park. Mornings will be available for drop-in, one-on-one coaching, allowing students to address individual needs and concerns. These services are available to all high school students in southwestern Alberta.

Students can sign up for sessions by calling Career Transitions at 403-328-3996 or 587-220-1756.

Seminars include:

Job Search 101: In this seminar, students will discover pro-active strategies that will improve their chances of finding work. These strategies include accessing the hidden job market, networking and other non-conventional approaches that will give students more power and control over their job search and minimize the emphasis on non-effective methods that often lead to frustration and disappointment.

Resume 101: A resume is a very important tool in job search. Whether a student has never written one or if they need to fine tune their existing resume, this seminar will prepare students to present themselves professionally and effectively. Career Transitions will share a variety of tips and tricks and assist students to target their resumes to specific jobs/sectors.

Interview 101: Many people are intimidated by the thought of being interviewed, and it can be especially challenging to youth who may feel they have little experience or skills to offer a prospective employer. This session will help students understand what employers are looking for and prepare to respond to questions with increased confidence. Students will learn how to analyze their experiences (sports, clubs, volunteer work, etc.) and identify the qualities that employers are looking for. Mock interviews will allow students to practice their new skills in a safe setting, and local hiring managers will share information about their expectations and processes.

Gap Year 101: Do you know of any students who have decided to take some time off before taking their next step? In an effort to ensure a gap year does not end up being two or more, this seminar is designed to provide students with an introduction to strategies and services that they can access now and build on throughout the coming year. Topics such as goal setting, action planning, time management, industry information, career and post-secondary exploration and volunteer opportunities will be covered. Training Inc., Lethbridge College and University of Lethbridge recruitment teams will be on hand to answer questions about training and post-secondary options. Please note that customized “Gap Year” support services will remain available to current high school graduates throughout the upcoming school year through our Project SPARC initiative.

Looking Forward 101: Kala Beers, from Lethbridge Family Services, will present on self-empowerment as it relates to confidence in job search and career planning. This high-energy and interactive session is designed to equip students with the energy and motivation to take on the task of determining next steps in their transition from high school to adulthood.

More information on the free seminars can be found through these links: Workshop Overview, Summer Services and July Calendar.

Date posted: July 6, 2017