Jon Bon Jovi speaks to Ecole Agnes Davidson Grade 4/5 students

By Garrett Simmons

Lethbridge School District No. 51

Communications Officer

Ana Rebolone Morrison is a huge Bon Jovi fan.

It turns out, her Grade 4/5 class at Ecole Agnes Davidson Elementary School has also developed a pretty strong bond with the band and its frontman, Jon Bon Jovi.

That love affair with one of rock’s biggest stars culminated in a Skype call Wednesday afternoon, as Jon Bon Jovi dialed Rebolone Morrison’s class and chatted with students for a half an hour. He greeted each student by name, and spoke about the power a letter can have, as he held up just a few of the letters he received from the class.

“It’s given you the power to write letters to make a difference,” Bon Jovi told the students. “Remember this, because you never know who is going to read them.”

The student letters were part of an all-encompassing effort to bring Jon Bon Jovi to Agnes Davidson, which included a persuasive-writing project that had the class mail out four separate packages of letters, pictures and videos for Bon Jovi. The class also used social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the project noticed.

On Wednesday’s Skype call, students had the opportunity to ask questions, and one by one, students queried Bon Jovi about topics ranging from his Superman tattoo and his favourite song and favourite food, all the way to his charity endeavor – Soul Kitchen.

Rebolone Morrison, a lifelong Bon Jovi fan who has weaved the band’s music into much of what she does in her classroom, was overjoyed at how the efforts of her students paid off in the end.

“It was their idea to write to Bon Jovi and we just kind of went with it, and the fact he read their letters and when he called, that’s who he talked to,” she said. “That’s pretty awesome. That sends them the message they’re important and what they have to say is important.”

The Grade 4/5 teacher added earning a Skype call from Jon Bon Jovi also proved to her students while one child can make a difference, all together, their voice is very strong.

“I’m so proud of them because they worked so hard for it and it was well deserved,” said Rebolone Morrison, who was so thankful Bon Jovi took the time out of his busy schedule to connect with her class. “He totally made our dreams come true.”

For more information about the class project to bring Bon Jovi to Agnes Davidson, visit Rebolone Morrison’s class website:

Date posted: June 14, 2017