Ecole Agnes Davidson class seeking to bring Jon Bon Jovi to Lethbridge

Jon Bon Jovi is an American musical icon.

And while his band’s popularity peaked in the 1980s and early 1990s, students in one class at Ecole Agnes Davidson Elementary School have gained a new appreciation for his music.

“The excitement and energy surrounding Bon Jovi in my classroom is undeniable and highly contagious,” said Ana Rebolone Morrison, a Grade 4/5 Teacher at the school. “We are undeniably the biggest class of Bon Jovi super fans in the world, and we want to let him know how much we love him and his music.”

The class is currently working on writing persuasive letters to the real Jon Bon Jovi in an attempt to convince him to come to drop in on southern Alberta.

“Not only that, we also plan to write letters to Ellen DeGeneres, in hopes that she is moved by our motivation and Bon Jovi super-fan status, and is able to help us get in touch with Jon Bon Jovi,” said Rebolone Morrison. “In order to make this an authentic and effective learning experience in writing persuasive letters, it is my plan to mail our package of letters to Bon Jovi, C/O various locations he is directly connected to, such as Soul Kitchen, his restaurant in New Jersey, and The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.”

She added the effort to bring Mr. Bon Jovi to the school is about more than showing a deep sense of love for his music.

“Learning experiences that are based on real-life situations, especially those that the students are highly interested in and excited about, are the most motivating and engaging,” she said. “So why not create a writing project around a topic the class is very enthusiastic about?”

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Date posted: April 11, 2017