Wednesday art show at WCHS a culmination of two years of hard work

By Garrett Simmons

Lethbridge School District No. 51

Communications Officer

Two years of hard work will be on display Wednesday at Winston Churchill High School at the 30 IB Art Show.

Genevieve Ahart, Visual Arts Teacher at Churchill, said the show will showcase the work of four Grade 12 students.

“They worked on these pieces for the show over the span of two years. They started in Grade 11 and refined them this year.”

Mythaa Lamose, Rhiannon Fletcher, Cathrys Estranero and Ella Estranero will all have at least six pieces on display, as the show will be open to the public from 3:30-8 p.m. in Room 60, the Drama Room, at WCHS.

“All of their themes are based on something to do with human nature,” added Ahart, who added those who take in the show will be able to ask the artists questions, to gain insight into how the pieces were created and what messages they were trying to convey. “Their work is really exciting and interesting.”

Art on display will consist of two-dimensional pieces, along with three-dimensional work and digital-media pieces.

Ahart added part of the requirement of the course involves taking young artists out of their comfort zones, and encouraging them to create art in a number of different formats.

“The hope is when they leave the course, they will be comfortable trying different things in the future,” said Ahart. “For me, I’m hoping, regardless of whether they choose art as a career, they remain creative and can use what they have learned here in their future careers.”

Date posted: Jan. 10, 2017