Why Mentimeter?

Mentimeter has been designed to make sure you get your point across and can convert your participants’ opinions into tangible data in real-time. This enhances group productivity, efficiency and engagement. 

Why use an interaction tool?

Engages the audience

  • Interactivity provides increased participation and engages the audience
  • Participants feel more involved when they are given the opportunity to decide the outcome
  • It is, simply put, a lot more fun! 

Increased efficiency and effectiveness

  • Through work in parallel / collaboration it becomes faster to generate content / data
  • “Any place” capability which avoids travel time and costs
  • Complex data is made understandable and intuitive through visualization
  • Participants clarify and motivate the result as it is generated by themselves. A constructive discussion will always take place, and fewer misunderstandings occur when looking at the "same picture"