Safe Student-Tested Apps

Looking for some good resources for students? Here are some notable picks from teachers. All are safe, student-tested, and easy to use.

A student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students (as young as 5!) to independently create, capture, and share artifacts of learning. Teachers get student work organized in one place and parents get a window into their child's day!

Jot! Whiteboard 
Sketch anything on this iOS-based whiteboard and share your screen with friends.

Publish a blog easily using this safe, online, teacher-managed blogging platform.

Create captivating collages from the photos in your iOS device with this mobile app.

PBS LearningMedia for Students 
Read, watch, and learn about a variety of K-12 content in a safe, friendly environment.

Tools I Want to Use With My Students 
This is curated by French teacher Samantha Decker.

Assessment & Portfolios 
This one is curated by Elementary school teacher Nicole Fahey.