Jaquelyne from Brazil

Since I arrived in Canada it has been an indescribable experience, making new friends, growing in maturity, learning to enjoy what before seemed strange.  Whether at school or at home, the people here believe in me and trust me, they are always willing to help and support me in any way I need. Studying in Canada is not only learning about the English language, but means I’ve learned more about myself, learned to communicate well and to pursue my goals. During my stay in Lethbridge I have had the opportunity to meet people from other countries, and find pleasure in simple things like sitting with someone and sharing experiences.  This has given me a greater vision of what the world is about, and what we must do to be really prepared for what life has in store for our future. 

Even though I am still at the beginning of my studies in Lethbridge, when I leave, I know I'll miss not only the people at Chinook High School, but this opportunity to live in Canada.  The people in Chinook High School are wonderful and really friendly. The assistance the school offered me is lovely and the elective classes that the school offers are amazing, with fully trained and loving teachers. I just have to thank my host family and my friends and teachers for what you have done for me every day, trying to help me whenever I need assistance. 

It's great to live this journey, to share my culture and the Canadian culture, discovering that we all have something good in common. It has been a satisfying experience. This certainty was the best choice I ever made!

Jaquelyne from Brazil, Grade 11
Chinook High School (CHS)
Lethbridge School District No. 51