Town Hall 2019

Town Hall 2019 helps Board of Trustees collect feedback

The Lethbridge School District No. Board of Trustees is in year one of a three-year planning cycle, and is preparing for year two.

Participant input from tonight’s Town Hall 2019 will be used to guide decision making regarding strategies to continue, drop or add into the Education Plan.

The Board wanted to know what stakeholders value, and what can be done better throughout the District.

Town Hall 2019 boiled down to a couple of key questions. What do you value most about what is happening in your school community? What do you value most about your relationship with the District? What can the District do better?

The final step now includes sharing ideas that are actionable strategies – specific actions that can be taken to address issues raised during the Town Hall meeting.

The Board will take into consideration the feedback collected from Town Hall, and stakeholders will also have an opportunity to send in feedback through the District website.

By visiting the Town Hall 2019 page on our website, participants will be able to view the major topics generated from Town Hall’s second question – What can the District do better?