Student Resource and Placement Services

The Student Engagement Consultant is available to individuals, parents and youth who need information or support in identifying and accessing the most appropriate educational programming within the district. Student services are available to students, parents, schools and their respective administrators, counsellors and teachers regarding students with attendance concerns, those involved with the justice system or those students under the care of a government agency. 

Working directly with Human Services, Justice and the Attendance Board, the SRP Consultant facilitates collaboration in order to blend perspectives, expertise, resources and shared accountability with the ultimate goal of improving success for all children, youth and their families. 

Success in School for Children and Youth in Care-Provincial Protocol Framework

The Provincial Protocol Framework (PFF) is a joint initiative between Alberta Education and Children and Youth Services (CYS) to support improved school outcomes and high school completion rates for children and youth in provincial government care. The Student Resources and Placement Consultant (SRP) serves as the district contact for students in care. All students in government care registering with Lethbridge School District 51 should be referred through the SRPC. The SRPC will ensure that all information related to previous school attendance is gathered and will inform the school point person of necessary information. The SRPC will ensure that all school point people are trained and supported in the registration process and the development, implementation and celebration of success plans and will serve as a liaison with the identified case worker where required. The role of the PFF is to ensure a collaborative working relationship to develop a plan that incorporates academic, social, behavioral, cultural, and emotional and recreational/physical interests, strengths and needs of the child or youth. Through a collaborative team based approach we can work on a child or youth’s strengths and customize necessary supports and services to help each student in care achieve their goals.

For further information please contact:

Jim Kerr
Phone (403) 380-5302