Staff Directory

Office of the Superintendent
Gilmore , Dr. Cheryl - Superintendent of Schools
Loewen, Teresa - District Principal / Executive Director - International Services
Simmons, Garrett - Communications Officer
Tedder, LeeAnne - Executive Assistant
Laliberty, Erica - District Administrative Assistant
Human Resources
Jesse, Rik - Associate Superintendent, Human Resources
Aos, Rhonda - Director, Human Resources, Support Staff
Wichers, Stacey - Executive Assistant to the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources
Ruest, Amber - Administrative Professional to the Director of Human Resources
Nieman, Heather - District Administrative Assistant
Prus, Jolayne - District Administrative Assistant
Business Affairs
Lee, Christine - Associate Superintendent, Business Affairs (CSBO)
DeBoer, Mark - Director, Finance
Johnson, Lana - Benefits Coordinator
Jongeling, Pauline - Accounts Payable Coordinator
Loxton, Michelle - Transportation Coordinator
Mclaren, Carrie - Payroll Coordinator
Pedersen, Tami - School Accounting Coordinator
Perry, Joe - Purchasing Coordinator
Carey, Melanie - District Administrative Assistant
Gobeil, Omer - District Buyer
Lacey, Sheri - District Administrative Assistant
Raiche, Barbara - Payroll Clerk
Making Connections Workers
Presley-Roberts, Deeanna - Coordinator, Making Connections
Ahlgren, Sarah - Fleetwood/Lakeview
Bishoff, Christine - Park Meadows/Agnes Davidson
Den Haan, Naomi - NSCS/Coalbanks
Done, Kat - Westminster/Galbraith
Kish, Anne - Wilson
Vollo, Tamara - MMH/Lethbridge Christian/General Stewart
Sadlowski, Jesse - Director, Technology
Mantello, Johny - I.T. Coordinator
Payant, Tyler - Information Systems Professional
Carnegie, Tina - District Administrative Assistant
Gerber, Dale - Technology Professional
Theron, Greg - Technology Professional
Wickens, Peter - Technology Professional
Coe, Karen - District Technology Support
DeMusso, Marco - District Technology Support
Fischer, Greg - District Technology Support
Nagahama, Koji - District Technology Support
Taylor, Mark - District Technology Support
Heaton, Daniel - Director of Facilities
Chapman, Chris - Operations and Maintenance Coordinator
Clear, Brenda - Caretaking Coordinator
Peake, Mary - District Administrative Assistant
Instructional Services
Asquith, Morag - Associate Superintendent, Instructional Services
Muldoon, Ann - Director of Inclusive Education
Rancier, Karen - Director of Curriculum
Bosch-Friedrick, Debra - Executive Assistant
Ell, Anna - Administrative Professional
Knelsen, Kathy - District Administrative Assistant
Moore, Melinda - District Administrative Assistant
Archer, Christie - Psychologist
​Sawhney-Burgess, Anjana - Psychologist
Bates, Christy - Speech Language Pathologist
Cale, Nikki - Distance Learning Facilitator / FastForward Contact
Diachok, Leah - ESL Student Support
Fuller, David - English as a Second Language - Lead Teacher
Geer, Keenan - Technology Lead Teacher
Henderson, Robyn - Speech Language Pathologist
Irwin, Helen - Psychologist
Kerr, Jim - Student Engagement Consultant
King, Cayley - Counselling Coordinator
Metz, Shaun - Behaviour Consultant
Plomp, Isabelle - Early Education Consultant
Reimer, Kara-Lynn - Speech Language Pathologist
Smith, Bev - Literacy Lead Teacher
WardSutherland, Amanda - Speech Language Pathologist
Board of Trustees
Forster, Mich - Chair
Lacey, Don - Vice Chair
Demers, Tyler
Foster, Jan
Fowler, Keith
Hunt, Donna
Major, Lola