The Purchasing Department provides a centralized purchasing service for the procurement of materials, supplies, equipment and services required by the District’s schools, outreach programs and all administrative departments.

Reporting to the Director of Finance

Purchasing manages the District’s procurement cycle by assisting end users in determining specific requirements, selecting sources of supply, negotiating prices, terms and conditions of sale, conducting competitive bid processes, issuing purchase orders and providing follow up to ensure timely delivery.

Objectives and Goals

The overall objectives and goals of the purchasing department are to:

  • buy competitively and wisely, ensuring the procurement of all supplies, materials, equipment and services are consistent with quality and the lowest cost of ownership.
  • develop reliable, alternative sources of supply
  • standardize products and equipment wherever possible
  • develop strong favorable supplier relationships
  • achieve maximum integration with other departments and school personnel
  • promote and apply ethical business practices
  • warehouse inventory control
  • develop purchasing procedures that will accomplish the departments and Districts objectives at the lowest reasonable operating cost.

Contacting The Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department is located in the Education Center at 433 15 St. South, Lethbridge, AB, T1J 2Z5.  For further information, questions or inquiries pertaining to the purchasing function at Lethbridge School District No.51 contact:

Joe Perry, Co-ordinator of Purchasing
Phone: (403) 382-2161
Fax: (403) 327-5520
E-Mail: joe.perry@lethsd.ab.ca


Omer Gobeil,  District Buyer
Phone: (403) 382-2160
Fax: (403) 327-5520
E-Mail: omer.gobeil@lethsd.ab.ca


Sheri Lacey, District Administrative Assistant
Phone: (403) 380-7393
Fax: (403) 327-5520
E-Mail: sheri.lacey@lethsd.ab.ca