Purchasing Functions

The Purchasing Department performs all the functions involved in the procurement of materials and equipment from the time a need or possible need is known until the material/equipment is received.  Types of activities, tasks and functions include:

  • Determination of Requirements
  • Functional co-ordination with end-users to determine needs

Procurement Process

Source selections, soliciting bids, cost/price analysis, negotiations, formations and issuing of contracts, expediting and contract administration, negotiating adjustments with suppliers and the termination of contracts.

Materials Management

  • traffic, transportation costs and analysis, economic order quantity determination, inventory requirements and control, materials handling, disposal of surplus/obsolete equipment
  • prepare and issue purchase orders
  • expediting overdue orders
  • manage the competitive bid process
  • co-operative purchasing and group consortium initiatives
  • standardization of products and equipment
  • formation of Purchasing Handbook, manuals, and procedures

Additional services provided by purchasing to all District schools and departments

  • provide product information, specifications, brochures, catalogues
  • equipment specifications
  • provide samples for the testing of new products
  • resolution of discrepancies (errors in shipping, overshipments, missing goods between school and supplier)
  • consult and give directions with regards to customs duties, regulations and brokerage for orders placed in foreign countries
  • processing freight claims for materials damaged in transit
  • sale of surplus materials and equipment