Competitive Purchasing/Buying Groups/Consortiums

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of goods and services at the best price for the right products from the right source at the appropriate time.  To assist in the achievement of these goals, the District is an active participant in two co-operatives or buying groups – The Lethbridge Public Purchasing Consortium (LPPC) and the Southern Alberta Computer Consortium (SACC).  The sole primary objective of these groups is to make the procurement cycle more efficient and cost effective through the purchase of goods, services and equipment in conjunction with other school boards and public organizations.

Lethbridge Public Purchasing Consortium (LPPC)

Lethbridge School District 51 is an active member of the LPPC of which the following entities are members:

  1. Lethbridge Community College
  2. City of Lethbridge
  3. Chinook Health Authority
  4. County of Lethbridge #26
  5. Holy Spirit School Division #44
  6. Lethbridge School District #51
  7. Palliser School Division #26
  8. University of Lethbridge

The mandate of the LPPC is to employ co-operative purchasing, whenever possible, as a means to obtain maximum value for monies spent on behalf  of their respective entities; and the promotion of efficiency in the purchasing and materials management fields. 

Southern Alberta Computer Consortium (SACC) Overview

The Southern Alberta Computer Consortium (SACC) was formed in the summer of 1996. The consortium was formed to maximize the use of government funding made available for the purchase of classroom computers.  The objectives include:

  • To achieve improved student learning by making the greatest possible number of computer workstations available for students in schools
  • To share information on the issues of computer use in schools
  • To share information about computer hardware and software
  • To seek cost-effective means to network student and administrative workstations
  • To utilize the principals of co-operative purchasing and volume discounts to:
  • Effectively reduce the price of computer hardware
  • Standardize hardware components
  • Maximize service levels
  • Maximize warranty coverage
  • Expedite deliver of equipment and services

As of March 11, 2001, seven of the ten SACC members participate in a computer supply contract with Compaq.  Canada for the supply of all required PC based computer workstations, monitors and notebooks.  These seven jurisdictions include:

  1. Grasslands Regional Division #6
  2. Horizon School Division #67
  3. Lethbridge School District #51
  4. Livingstone Range School Division #68
  5. Medicine Hat School Division #76
  6. Palliser School Division #26
  7. Westwind Regional School Division #9