Town Hall 2017

Board actions - Town Hall 2017

Key Question: What strategies can be implemented to develop innovative thinkers within schools, outside of schools in collaboration with parents, business, industry and community?

The District used a World Café format rather than stationary groupings, with the question divided into four to facilitate focus on the role of different stakeholders.

Results were posted on the website with the statement the Board would review the results at the March planning retreat to look for ways to incorporate the ideas into planning.

The question focused on Board Priority 2: Supporting the implementation of initiatives designed to develop innovative thinkers.

The following strategies will be included in the District’s Education Plan for 2017-18:

At a District Level:

  • Develop strategies that provide parents with learning opportunities in areas that relate to the development of innovative thinkers: promoting creativity, critical thinking and innovation; brain based learning; literacy and mathematics as foundational skills. Use technology to reach a broader audience of parents with delivery through the websites with monthly themes that link print information, relevant websites and videos.
  • Work with business and industry partners to increase the network of opportunities for students to explore opportunities outside of school. With a fairly solid foundation of industry partners linked to trades, focus will be given to partners linked to professions and business.
  • Provide learning opportunities for teachers to build capacity in delivery of the provincial curriculum competencies that link to innovation.

At a School Level:

  • Promote and support accessing parent and community expertise as part of learning in the classroom.
  • Promote and support volunteerism as part of meeting curriculum outcomes.
  • Promote and support links at the municipal, provincial and private industry levels to work on real-world problems presented in their realm of governance or business.